Thursday, October 18, 2012

Baby Crocodiles

Instead of calming down before bed, my kids decide to be baby crocodiles. The older two were crawling around the couch, and the little one decided to join in on the fun. Back and forth they all went… laughing the entire time. The older kids were going a little to fast, so I said “You guys need to slow down, you don’t want your little baby crocodile to get lost and eaten” Jeremiah stopped dead in his tracks stood up and looked at me with a concerned look and said, “Mom we are playing crocodiles, but we are human people.” I said, “Yes, but you are going to fast for the baby crocodile, he can’t keep up.” Still standing and staring at me he said again, “But we are just playing crocodile, right? We are really human people, right?”


I love my little “human people!”


Melanie said...

cute stuff!

mamabecky said...

I do love me some humans and Kid-crocs. Kids do say the darnedest and most innocent things which makes them even more loveable!!!

desertmama said...

Too funny Jeremiah!