Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Okay okay, I am sorry it has taken so long! I have been requested (by many) to update you with pictures. So I will do a November post, December post, January post, followed by a product review. So pay close attention:)


Even though we had no house and no money, it seems as though we stayed pretty busy. I was able to get some free passes to things and keep us entertained throughout the month.

November 17, Uncle Tony took Jeremiah to see some old war planes.

jb with uncle tony photo (2)photo

November 17, Aunty Laurly took the kids to the Wildlife world zoo.

PB180163PB180152 PB180177

They loved the train ride, and still talk about it!PB180179  


Didn’t get many Thanksgiving pictures. But we did have TWO dinners. Ugh, I am still full. The first dinner was with the McIndoo family and the second was with the Bartlett family.

PB250192 PB250211

PB250212 PB250215




Aren’t my turkeys cute?


November 29, we went for a 4Wheel Drive trip, in hopes to see some snow. We did! The kids got so excited!

IMG_5938IMG_5943    IMG_5955IMG_5964IMG_5986

  Since we were in the snow, we had to make a snowman. (remember this is Arizona)



Saw some bear tracks.

IMG_6046 IMG_6051

November 30th, I got free passes to the Phoenix Zoo. So we went and then stayed for zoo lights. It was a LONG day!Picture 311 Picture 321Picture 308    Picture 278 Picture 240 Picture 239 Picture 235 Picture 262Picture 152Picture 221 Picture 236PB300230PB300231PB300249PB300251PB300232 

      So there you have it, our month of November. It was fun to get out and do some of these things, instead of just looking at houses. Oh and another exciting part of November, is that we found out baby #3 was on it’s way!

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mamabecky said...

Looking back just a few months you can see how quickly the twins are growing up