Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January 2011

I am amazed it is already 2011… but I truly look forward to this year. In March my twins will be 3 years old. April will mark 10years that Justin and I have been together, while May will be our 9th anniversary of being married. We have a new house, a new budget, and soon a new baby. Things look good, even though it started off pretty rocky.

P1240281 P1240280

This month has been tough. All of us have been sick and then sick again Jeremiah had a high fever that would not go away. It would go away for two days and then all of a sudden be back, higher than ever and stay for 4 days. I also had some issues of my own. I ended up getting an infection that I could not beat even with two rounds of antibiotics, so I ended up having a 4 day stay in the hospital. That was not fun! BUT… the last day of January I celebrated my 30th birthday, and the last few hours in January were the best hours of the entire month! I felt so amazingly blessed and happy. Words just can not express.

P1310283P1310285P1310289 P1310293   P1310302 P1310303 P1310304 P1310299 P1310298 P1310297P1310296 

OH I forgot… in December we had SNOW at our house. It snowed on and off all day. whoo hoo. granted it melted just about the same time it hit the ground, but it was snow in Phoenix and that is just plain awesome!

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mamabecky said...

The Sunset pictures are so awesome. Your birtday pictures are perfect and I thank God for the day of your birth.