Tuesday, February 1, 2011

December 2010

December was a very crazy month. I don’t have a lot of pictures to share with you. We moved into the new house two days before Christmas and that is about all I can remember.

 b&w reverse justin and holly 2010_edited-1 IMG_6425Copy of IMG_6426 alexis and holly 2010 Copy of Jeremiah 2010kids xmas 2010 SSL25752 Copy of mistletoe 2010 Copy of holly2010Copy of justin 2010 alexis and justin 2010Copy of Jb n holly 2010 jeremiah and justin 2010 Copy of JB 2010 Copy of IMG_6406 Copy of family2010

Christmas morning on the way to my parents my darling son asked for some chapstick. I handed it to him and let him apply himself, as he has done many many times before. When we arrived at our destination, and I opend his door to get him out, I saw not his lips fully lubed up, but his forehead and eyebrows. I lectured him, and took him insde. My dad, looked at us and said, “what’s the matter buddy… wait what’s tha…?” I interrupted him to explain how naughty his grandson was and than very sternly, as to not give away how seriously funny this was, asked my dad to not laugh but to get the camera and capture this moment. My dad did good keep his composure while I scrubbed the boy’s face for twenty minutes trying to get the grease off his face. Then we all had a good laugh!

CIMG3863 CIMG3864

We then had cinnamon rolls and opened gifts!CIMG3869

CIMG3867 CIMG3870  CIMG3872 CIMG3876 CIMG3879CIMG3874 

My parents and grandmother gave this play kitchen to the kids. My dad spent many hours working on it. Working lights in the fridge, oven, stove top. Diswasher has a pull out drawer too! My mom made the cute curtians and dishtowls, along with pot holders, with material from my old room. The kids STILL love their kitchen.CIMG3853CIMG3886CIMG3888CIMG3861CIMG3896     

Don’t have any pictures of the new house yet. Sorry, been too busy unpacking. Will do a special post on that, once I get a chance to take some pictures.

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mamabecky said...

What a darling little girl, she looks so much like her mommy did at this age.