Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Journal

I have been keeping a journal, baby book, and blog. I have decided to cut one out... so I will be journaling a little more on my blog. The good thing, is that everyone will get to know all the silly things that happen, and having the blog is good because, I can't loose it. It will always been here, unless of course the Internet goes out of business.
-Justin recently bought a motorcycle. He hasn't had much time to ride it, since he has been working so many hours.

Alexis and Jeremiah have been doing new things daily. They are getting close to sitting up on their own, my guess is 2 more weeks. They both have been keeping us entertained constantly. Here are a couple of funny moments:
-When she eats she opens her mouth so wide! We went to Costco the other day and gave them a taste of frozen yogurt. She loved it, and didn't want to share with Daddy. Each bite Daddy took, she would open her mouth and follow the spoon. Not only were Mommy and Daddy laughing but so were the people surrounding us watching the show.
-Last night we were all laying on the mat playing. All of a sudden she started to scream. I looked over at her and noticed she put her pacifier in her mouth sideways and got it stuck in her jaw. It took Daddy and Mommy to get it out. It was pretty funny, and if it hadn't been scaring and hurting her, I probably would have taken a picture.
-As I mentioned before, Alexis is doing very well with her fine motor skills. She is constantly looking at her hands and watching her fingers move. She can turn individual pages of a magazine. I started doing some sign language with them. Knowing they are still young I didn't expect much. However, one of the signs I have been doing is "I love you." To my surprise, she can do it too. She concentrated very hard and then copied what I was doing. She has done it multiple times now. She will even reach her hand up (in a fist) as if she is trying to tell me something. When I do the sign back to her she smiles and laughs. So, I am pretty sure she knows what she is doing. She doesn't do the correct finger position unless she is concentrating on what I am doing and copies me.
-She has also started this new sort of way to talk to herself. Sort of a deep cough/screem. It sounds like a growl. Very weird. She is doing it, this very moment. She has been doing it this entire time, so I took out the video camera to capture it. Of course she stopped, and once I turned of the video and sat back at the computer she started again. So, I secretly recorded her. Later, I'll post the video of her making her "happy" weird sound. The video is a little long. Sometimes funny, sometimes boring. So watch what you want. I just thought it was funny that she kept doing the same thing over and over.
-After the kids wake up from their nap, they are generally pretty happy and will just relax in their cribs and talk to themselves. Today was no different, so once he woke up I didn't rush into the room to get him. When I did walk into the room he was laying on his back playing with his monkey. He was looking around and when he saw me enter the room, he jumped because he was frightened. He then started to cry. I got closer to him and reassured him, that it was just mommy. He then smiled a bit and began talking to me... explaining to me everything that just happened. He actually looked as though he was reenacting what just happened. He talked, made a scared face, talked, cried, then smiled. It was hilarious!
-I have been busy with a little bit of everything. Sadly I have to report that I will be having surgery this next Sunday. Last Sunday, I ended up going to the ER from extreme pain. I really had no idea what was happening and didn't know if I could handle the pain much longer. I found out, that I had gall stones and needed my gallbladder removed. I am not looking forward to another surgery so soon after my c-section but I don't think this will be as hard to recover from. The doctor said that it is very common for new moms to develop gallbladder issues and need it removed.
-I am also starting a home business very soon. I am extremely excited, but will need to network a lot to get it started. Once, I have everything ready, I will post about the business.

Here are some cute & funny pictures.

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Melanie said...

as always, I love new pics! I think it's funny that JB had so much to say to you after his nap too..haha You're gonna have some chatterboxes on your hands.