Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's Begun!

Yikes... we had our first sibling fight yesterday. Alexis and Jeremiah were both laying on the floor face to face. They had toys in between them. Jeremiah took a toy in front of him, that apparently his sister was also wanting to play with. Alexis let out a loud scream then yanked the toy away from Jeremiah. The toy was linked together, so when she yanked it, it actually broke and he was still able to have the toy. Alexis was not satisfied with that result so she stole his passy from him. That didn't make Jeremiah too happy so he began to cry. Satisfied with the outcome, Alexis took both her and his passy and wiggled herself away from Jeremiah. I have a feeling, life is going to get a little more hectic real soon!

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