Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Acts of Cuteness

"Daddy, I just saw you with hair, in a picture" Jeremiah shouted with great excitement!

Joshua; the day before he turned one was throwing a fit at dinner. I handed him a variety of foods before I saw the one thing left on the table... Yep that was it! He wanted a fork! Ever since then, he thinks he needs a fork to eat with. He does pretty good too. If he can't stab the food he will hand the fork to me with a "ehhh" and I stab food and hand him back the fork. He is a big boy:)

Joshua is pretty good playing by himself as long as his big brother and sister are near. The other day I watched as the twins were playing and they would crawl around the floor. Unaware that Joshua was delighted by this and would scream in glee as he would crawl chasing the big kids.

We went to Lake Pleasant to play a bit. Afterwards we had our drinks and snacks. The bees soon smelled the sugar and surrounded us. Jeremiah looked to me and said "I think they want to join us because we are a fun family" sadly, we had to leave because too many wanted to join us.

Alexis asked Babu why he was wearing a ring. Before he had a chance to respond, Jeremiah announced "Because he is a pirate!"

I awoke in a panic, realizing not only that it was almost 10am, but the house was quiet! I ran to the baby's room and to my delight, I found the twins on the floor playing and saw that Joshua, still in his crib had a sippy cup of water and a bowl of cereal. the kids proudly announced to me " mommy we wanted you to have more rest, so we took care of the baby"

Alexis was very frustrated as she tried to explain to Jeremiah that " if a mommy had two babies in her tummy she would only have to have a baby six times to have all the kids" she was referring to the 12 Sunday school puppets they were playing with. Smarty pants!

I asked Alexis what makes her happy and she responded quickly with "dance class" Jeremiah said "playing with Joshua"

Joshua on his birthday is the youngest family chef:)


JessLFH @ Mind of Me said...

I love the story about the twins taking care of the baby so that you could get more rest!

mamabecky said...

What Great Kids you have! They are a joy to be around