Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday weekend in Sedona

my 2year olds

alexis 2yrs old 5x7alexis rose 5x7  alexis iris 4x6alexis 4x6IMG_4900  iris 8x10  JB - standing at redrocks edited IMG_4851  handsome two year old boyIMG_4836  Jeremiah Brian 2yrpink flowers close upIMG_4909 IMG_4904

leading the pack


A couple of funny moments:

-Ate ice-cream at Dairy Queen. Justin took a bite from JB’s cup and JB looked up and said “hey!” I think it’s just funny to see that he noticed and that’s the word he used.

-When we told the kids it was time to go home, they said in unison “no ome, wa wa, no ome”


Melanie said...

those are some sweet pics, Holly. Lexi's hair is just growing like crazy now, just like Kai's did around her 2nd Birthday. Looking more like you as she grows. Jeremiah is a handsome little boy too! Looks like you guys had a blast and Brandon and I are jealous you got to go to our fave place out here ;)

Mrs. Fish aka Two Fish said...

They are getting SOOO big! Happy Birthday and what a fun birthday too!

So jealous you guys went to Sedona. We love Sedona and need to take more trips while they are young. Beautiful photos woman...BEEEautiful!

mamabecky said...

These are some perfect pictures of the day. A Great time was had by young and old. I say "NO OME" also when I have to leave Sedona. So beautiful there. These memories will last a life time, but the days go way too fast!

GRAMEE said...

I lost your blog... i thought it was gone..

I would love to meet you I know you are busy with the babies..

but we really need to meet.