Sunday, March 28, 2010

2nd Birthday!

Good Morning my precious 2 year olds!P3250241


For 2 days I had been telling the kids about their birthday and what we were going to do. It was so funny to watch their response, I decided I needed to record it!


Science Center:

P3250019  P3250021


Dad on a bed of nailsP3250032 P3260045P3250031 

Lunch at Rainforest Cafe: 


JB loved it when it would storm…

while Alexis would scream!

IMG_4732IMG_4721   IMG_4736 IMG_4738  

Birthday Party:IMG_4742 IMG_4748IMG_4752excited for cake-JB

IMG_4766 IMG_4761

IMG_4765 IMG_4771 IMG_4772

“cycle, cycle, cycle, cycle” Hey, there’s a cycle on every page!!! IMG_4773 IMG_4774 This kid got a lot of “CYCLE” stuff!IMG_4775

IMG_4780 IMG_4802

As you can see, she needed ALL the hairclips in!IMG_4813

It was a “happy, happy, happy” day!

(There are more videos on youtube if interested. You can view them by clicking the link in the left sidebar)

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Melanie said...

now that's a fun Birthday! Full of fun and presents and family. I only wish we didn't miss it! :( Kaia is sad that she hasn't seen "the babies" but, we pray for them at night and are thinking of all of you.