Sunday, December 13, 2009

Singing at Church

Two weeks ago, after some slight coaxing from their grandparents and various other members of the local my kids joined the other kids on stage as they sang "Don't Step There." Since then we have been working on the song at home. Alexis has done really good. She is very eager to sing the "don't step there" part. From the video you can see she got a little stage fright and didn't belt it out as she does at home. But mommy is still proud of her babies big kids!

First Time:

Little cuties We're Singing


PC130131 PC130132


Melanie said...

sniffle! so sweet

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I thought they did very well!

LOL! Brooke is wearing the same outfit both times... Can you tell it's new? AND you would get Erik nervously picking his nose in that video... =)

eastonsmom said...

It's funny what you notice when you watch a video that you didn't see the first time. I saw one of the girls mouthing all the words to the verses silently right before they came in the song. My boy won't be going up there for awhile. We don't trust him not to just run around and not do anything else yet. Although he sings the chorus as loud as anyone from his seat. The kids all look super cute though.

mamabecky said...

It is funny how many generations and countless times we hear this song at Church and yet, the little faces change along the way and we still love to hear them and watch their sweet excitement at a job well done!