Saturday, December 26, 2009


Warning: this is a long post
Christmas Eve (day) I had a lot of preparations. I had to clean the house, get the kids, gifts, food, and dogs packed up, and get over to the first of two parties by 2pm. I was constantly on the go and so were my toddlers. After breakfast, I started peeling eggs to make deviled eggs. It was very time consuming because the eggs did not want to peel. Finally finished, the peeling. Took a moment to go into kids room to grab a couple of diapers and their clothes. In the distance I could hear laughter and Jeremiah yelling “ball.” When I reentered the kitchen, I saw my young son sitting on the counter throwing all the eggs on the floor! The dogs loved that mess.
By 3pm we finally got over to my grandmother’s house. We had snacks and opened some gifts. Jeremiah received a Junior Black & Decker Power tool set. Alexis opened a baby doll set, it came with a highchair, crib, and stroller. As we dug into the box she kept repeating “hi baby, hi baby, hi baby” This was the first baby she has ever accepted.
CIMG2930CIMG2927 CIMG2936    CIMG2934
Later in the evening, we went over to my brother’s for dinner. We had carne asada and some other Arizonan food (most people would call it Mexican, but it’s a staple in our family). The food was great, the company even better, the night was a wonderful time. THe kids really benefitied. They got their very own “”cycle” from Uncle Tony.
   The kids and I decided to stay the night at Babu and Bibi’s (my parents). Since, Justin had to work, he would meet us over there in the morning. Both kids fell asleep in the car, which was wonderful, I would just transfer them, and not fuss! That would have worked great, except while I was taking Alexis out of the car, I tripped on my shoe and fell to the ground. I did everything in my power not to hurt her or even wake her… she didn’t budge, but she did wake up. She would have probably gone back to sleep except she saw my dad and said “hi.” She would not go back to sleep after that. So she stayed up until after midnight, and went to sleep with me.
Another problem we had was that the puppy STANK!!! We had to lock them outside, then I remembered … the eggs! We let the dogs back in because the sissy house dogs would probably freeze since it was going to be in the 20’s that night. The dogs didn’t do to well inside either. Diarreah… enough said.
Christmas Morning:
(actually started at 3am for me, since Jeremiah woke up and he wouldn’t go back to sleep until after 5:30… then I had 2 kids laying on me, and I had to visit the lady’s room, and couldn’t so I was awake)
CIMG3006 CIMG3005CIMG2998CIMG3014CIMG3011CIMG3021SSL25018SSL25034SSL25038SSL25049   SSL25056SSL25042
After gifts, we had breakfast, then spent the day playing with toys and visiting family. At 4pm we had dinner. Shortly after dinner, I took the kids home. They went two days with no naps and little sleep at night… we were all exhausted… even the puppy!SSL25062


Melanie said...

that was a crazy two days! Those kids made out like bandits. Lots of new fun stuff. Thanks for the update, sorry we weren't there for Christmas dinner. B was a little upset he didn't get to try the brisket he he.

kira said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time exept for stinky dogs. I love getting the updates and seeing the pictures although I may not respond all the time. Great to see everyone. Kira

mamabecky said...

It was a great day for Bibi and Babu. We loved every minute, even the stinky ones. Good Food,(great Brisket)Good Family and Friends. A Blessed Day!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Looks like tons of fun! Great pictures! Love the matching pj's. =)

eastonsmom said...

Looks like the kids had fun through those busy days! Very cute pictures.