Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Vomit Story

I titled this as is, because I wanted to warn you about what you are about to read. It is pretty yucky, if I do say so my self.
Last night around 10pm Jeremiah woke up screaming. Justin and I were still up watching a movie, so Justin went in to check on him. Next thing I know, Justin comes walking out with JB dangling in his arms. Justin asks me if I can come get him and clean him off while he cleans the room.
Jeremiah had puked EVERYWHERE!! I am not sure, how so much mess can come from someone so little!MCj04244540000[1]
I took Jeremiah and hosed him off in the shower. He didn’t really care for that, but he was being a good boy. After I bathed him, I took him into the family room and sat with him. I saw him pee in the shower, so I wasn’t too afraid of him peeing on me. So he just cuddled with me all wrapped up in a towel, until Justin could get him some p.j’s and a diaper. (I didn’t want to take him back into the bedroom and wake up his sister, since Justin was in there cleaning anyway)
After about 15 minutes, I slowly started getting him all dressed again. We went slowly mainly because he was cuddling with me, and he only cuddles when he is sick, so I was soaking it up.
About 30 seconds after I got him dressed and wrapped up in a nice clean blanket he sat up and puked again and again and again. I called for Justin to come and help because he was about to get vomit everywhere again. I tired to keep most of it in my hand, but there was so much that I had to use his new blanket as a cup. Once he finally stopped, I realized we lucked out… the puke only got on the blanket and my hand. THEN… he had a violent sneeze and he did a face plant right into the pile of vomit. YUCK! To make matters worse, he then rubbed his nose and eyes and head. Back to the bath….
UGH… I am getting queasy, sitting here. I hope it’s just my mind playing tricks on me, instead of me getting sick too… I’ll keep you posted. Don't want you to catch it too! (ha ha get it, that’s a joke, because I don’t think you can catch it over the internet)


Jenn in AZ said...

oh, um, ick. that's all I can say.

I remember these times, but my kids usually slept through it. Scary, huh? Except McK--she would belt a high-pitched scream before she ralphed. Joel & I became conditioned to that scream--bolting out of bed to rush her to the bathroom or a garbage can! Aimee never woke up.

Keep healthy!

Becky and J.J. said...

Poor guy! I hope he feels better and I hope nobody else caught it.

Anonymous said...

The Good Ole Days and the Puke stories we all remember so well...
This is truely one of the Good Ones to tell and re-tell over the years. So did you CATCH IT??? -Nanu

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're feeling bad, but I laughed out loud about the face plant!! Dylan has only had the flu (or whatever puking illness) one time. He was so good about it, didn't know enough to try to stop it, just let it come! and come, and come, and come.....