Monday, June 22, 2009

Crazy Life

Life has been so hectic lately I have not had a moment to post anything to my blog, let alone read other blogs. This morning however, is my “homework” time, and since I’ve finished 2 out of my 3 classes early and my 3rd class didn’t post this weeks assignment yet, I took the time to catch up on my blog friends! I enjoyed everything I read (well almost everything). Anyway, it was a nice break form the day!

I’ve been preparing for my annual patriotic party, and I have been going nuts. Nuts because I have so many ideas and not enough time, money, or space. I have been trying to organize the house and clean it up, but it doesn’t stay clean… I can’t understand why. CG79C I am excited for the party though. It is always fun. The past few years I have done all red, white, and blue foods. Not this year... We decided to make an “American” meal. I have a couple of special things up my selves though.


Couple of things to remember… as I mentioned before, this blog is like my journal, so I try to post things that I want to remember as well. So, I just wanted to give a couple updates on the kids.

-Alexis can now climb up on anything! all the time I will turn around and she’s on the couch or coffee table.

-Right now she just pulled out the photo albums and she is pointing to “dada, droder, & mama” she is pointing and saying the names.

-Jeremiah still doesn’t say anything, but he does understand a lot. He points to people now when you say “where is..” he also sits down on command with out a problem.

-Both kids are trying to dress and undress themselves now. They really love to put on their shoes.

-Jeremiah stomps on everything. He stomps when he’s excited about something and he stomps when he’s mad. He steps on every piece of out of place dirt, tries to stomp on every rock, big or small. He is such a boy!

-Speaking of him being a boy, he found a play shovel and has started to dig. No one showed him how, he just figured it out on his own.

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Melanie said...

I have no idea why you can't keep the house clean! geesh he he. She is such a little talker now. so cute!