Monday, May 13, 2013

Children's Museum of Phoenix (first time for the youngest)

This was Joshua's first time to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. The twins have been twice before and were very excited to "go shopping" again. As we started walking in, Joshua started to understand what we were doing, I know this because he started shouting out "play, Play, PLAY!!" He was ready to play. We all recieved a stamp on our hands, upon entrance. In this first picture Joshua is showing off his coveted "neat."


 He loved the bathtub!!

 Getting upset because Mommy took him to a different area of the playground instead of to the bathtub with wings for the 4th time...
 Who can say "no" to that cute face???

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Barbara Kimball said...

Holly, this looks like a great fun place. I don't remember hearing about it before. If we come to Phoenix again some time I hope we can take the kids there. Love the pictures!!!