Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Coffee Press

I recently reviewed a product fromCSN Stores

There were so many products to choose from, I had a difficult time deciding. I did however choose this

Coffee Press:

product image

It was very easy to place my order. I did however, have a slight problem. I did something weird and accidently ordered TWO presses. I immediately logged back into my account and canceled part of my order. Pretty simple. I was still worried it would charge me for both, so I sent an email out. I got a quick response and everything worked out great. This was wonderful due to the fact the last few internet orders I have place through various online companies had left me dissatisfied and lost out on product and money. CSN – was a great company to work with and I intend to order from them in the future. I already picked out a few products and put in an email request, when they are available for purchase!


I received an email within 3 days telling me my product was shipped. Soon thereafter, I received my awaited coffee press. The press is very easy to use and works great, I made a good selection!

Thanks CSN Stores for your great products and excellent customer service!!

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