Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer is Here!!

The only thing about summer that I don’t like is the HEAT… because here in the desert, it can get HOT!! Too hot for that matter. When it gets too hot, we can’t play outside, so we are taking advantage of it now!


The kids went in the pool for the first time this year on May 27th. They did AWESOME!!!!! I put them in a simple floaty. I didn’t want them to be dependent on anything. I think my plan is working. They did so good. They learned to balance themselves and float. They also learned to kick and swim. They got to a point (quickly) to where they were swimming without assistance of me. I hope by the end of summer they will be swimming all by themselves!

May 27 2010 kids are swimming  Jeremiah swimming by himself 0527101725052710zach 052710 052710Alexis

To keep them comfortable in the water and to keep us comfortable while outside we got a mini pool for our house. Yesterday, the cousins came over to play. After about 5 hours outside, we forced the kids in to watch a movie and rest. No naps happened which allowed the kids to crash out early in the evening.

P6010074 P6010076 This is NOT a posed picture.. ha ha!P6020082

Alexis worked very hard keeping the towels flat.P6020084P6020086P6020091  Aren’t older cousins so much fun? They teach you so many things. Like where the games are hidden and how to dump them all on the floor. It took us over an hour to reorganize the games and puzzles. What a mess!P6020092   Today:


Our outside retreatP6020096


Today my heart is overflowing with joy! I love my life, family and friends. God has blessed me more than I will ever be able to comprehend. I melt when my niece or nephew hug me, for I love them so deeply. I love spending time with my brothers and sisters, whether it is watching the suns game, playing “family game night” or just hanging out and talking. I adore Justin, Alexis and Jeremiah, they are the promise I knew God would keep, and the gift that makes my world complete!


Melanie said...

the kids have a great time together. it's what it's all about

eastonsmom said...

Love those days when you really realize God's blessings in life. Glad you had one of those and you guys had so much fun in the water with the fam!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

If it weren't for swimming pools I don't think we'd survive the summers here! Looks like you're set!!

shelbystation said...

All those pool pictures are soooo cute.