Sunday, January 10, 2010

How will I survive 2010?

So far this new year has been nuts! I had to snap this picture with my cell phone real quick as the boy ignored my orders to get off the table.

 0103001525a 0103001524

(notice Alexis? she’s trying to join her brother)

I don’t think she listened when mom and dad told her to stay out of the vanity. We noticed some black spots on JB’s hands, turned around and saw this…

P1050156 P1050155 

She’s not smiling because daddy is lecturing her (while secretly taking a picture)


Melanie said...

two Dennis the Menace's. Scary! I will be praying for you

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Isn't life as a mother fun? =)

Liza said...

Just think of the joy you will bring to the lives of others by sharing your craziness. I love it and laughed just seeing Jeremiah up there looking like, "WHAT? I belong up here. I am on a motorcycle after all." I do cringe for you all at the same time.

mamabecky said...

I just looked back at these pictures over a year later and smiled all over again at how their personalities have developed and yet the same!